[ RESOLVED] How to modify disarming procedure

Hello, I am in mode 3 and I don’t know why to disarm my engines I have to put my elevator / wing stick down or to the right. In addition, what is not normal is that I can disarm even if my throttle is more than 0. I would therefore like to disarm as before throttle at 0 and yaw on the left. how can I modify the disarming procedure?
Thank you.

You could set an RC channel and switch, check RC Options params

Mode 3 I would think you would just put the right stick down and left to disarm.

Shawn’s suggestion of using a switch to arm/disarm is good but I would use a mix for the switch so it would only function at zero throttle. Out of curiosity why Mode 3? 1 and 2 are common.

Well, I did my beginner. In fact the disarmament I was talking about was normal since my tests were on table and on table if we put the Wing / Elevator stick to at least 75% down or to the right the drone disarms by saying crash disarming. I can disarm normally now. My problem came from my gas trims which were too high. (I use an engine shutdown by inter)