Rescue function

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I like to ask if there is a “Rescue function” avaiable in Ardu Plane?
For example if I fly in Acro mode and someting goes wrong - switch back to FBWA and the plane gets automatic stabilized. In the documentation I didn’t find someting about that.

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Several flight modes are supposed to stabilize the plane into straight-and-level flight if the pilot gives no input on the sticks. Check out the main documentation explaining the ‘Flight Modes’

Of course “something goes wrong” implies that something bad has happened, so it’s hard to say what might and might not work to stabilize the plane.

Mayby me explanation was a not very well.
My idea was if, for example fly in ACRO mode and the plane comes in a situation where I am be unable to bring it to a normal level flight - because my experiance is not enugh (stall) - there would be a “rescue mode” witch level the plane automaticly. Of course no mechanical damage und the height is enugh.

Switch back to FBWA and turn the throttle up

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@Rolf provides the best solution.

Unfortunately if you are in a stall, ardupilot is not going to know how to recover, and its control inputs could be ineffective. That’s the best reason for throttling up in FBWA while letting go of your right transmitter stick (assuming that stick is controlling roll and pitch). FBWA will level the plane as rapidly as the control loops allow if you give no stick input. You should run autotune though before attempting.

Many thanks for the tips.
I will try it next time on the air field.