Requesting analysis of flight log file

Hi Team ,

I am uploading one of my recent flight logs which I want an expert to analyze , I understand that there was a GCS failsafe trigger during the flight but apart from that when i select Auto analysis I see a log of other failed parameters as well . I would be grateful if anyone can check those messages and tell me what those mean
You can download the file by using the following link below:

Auto Analysis is mostly irrelevant, don’t bother with that. It looks like your craft behaved as expected. RTL from GCS failsafe. Other than that your vibration levels are very high with clipping events >1000. It also looks like you are flying on default parameters skipping the Initial tuning parameters. Read this and use the Alt>A plug-in in Mission Planner to fix that.

Process for a new craft:
Set initial tuning parameters.
Deal with high vibration if present.
Set the Dynamic Notch Filter.
Run Auto Tune.

Hey thanks for the information , I havent tried this plug in and auto tuning . Can you please elaborate how i can follow the 4 steps you have mentioned above ? will Alt+A help in all of them ?

Also not sure how i deal with the vibration ? Any tips?

You have to do this 1st. Balance the props (obviously) and perhaps better isolate the Flight Controller and make sure no cabling is restricting it.

Then connect to Mission Planner, hit Alt>A, enter the info as requested and make the changes shown. There are Wiki’s for the Dynamic Notch filter and Auto Tune.

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Thanks Dave . let me try it out .

One more question . Do you think loose wires hitting the flight controller can lead to vibration and clip events , I read the same in a couple of forums

Maybe. It’s more common that stiff wires prevent the FC’s free float on the mount. How do you have it mounted?

I am mounting it using 3M foam tapes which came with the FC . I had a lot of loose wire on top of the FC which I have isolated now and attached to the frame . Now the FC only has the DF 13 connector attached with all the extra wiring separated and securely attached to the frame body so that they dont flap around and keep hitting the FC during a flight . Will balance the props as well , found that they were completely unbalanced … Hope this can reduce the vibration to a large extent