Request of Flight Logs with TECS tuned correctly

Hello everyone, this is my first topic and I’m writing here because I’m a bit in trouble. Let me explain:

Last July I did an internship in this little company that makes drones equipped with ArduPilot. I’m doing a bachelor degree and this internship was meant to gain information to write my final thesis, which I decided to be on the tuning of the TECS algorithm. In this company they have a drone (fixed wing) that has problems in keeping the altitude, because TECS was never tuned. I thought it would be interesting to analize the flight logs before and after the tuning. The problem is that I don’t have the flight logs after tuning! They should have tuned it in the first week of August (I finished my internship in July so I’m not there anymore) but they had some problems. Now, the deadline for my thesis is the 30th of August and I still dont’ have any flight log after tuning. In addition they gave me no guarantee that they can tune the TECS by the end of the week. If they don’t I will not be able to finish my thesis and to graduate.

Therefore I’m asking for help. Can anyone share here some flight logs with the TECS algorithm tuned correctly so that if they don’t manage to send me the flight logs I will still have some material to analize in order to complete my thesis?