Replacing ESCs on X8


I recently received my X8 RTF. It has had 20 mins in the air so far. Today I updated the firmware, went to test and at least one of the ESCs blew.

Having looked at the PDBs (ugh!) it looks like I need to completely dismantle the X8 to replace the blown ESCs. Can someone confirm this for me please?

I am actually a little shocked at how badly this thing is put together internally. There are two sharp bolts sticking up through the PDB rubbing against wires. It looks like the bolts have been cut with bolt cutters - they are razor sharp. If this thing had been in the air longer than 20 mins this would have been a major problem.

Any advice on replacing the escs would be great.


Hi Andy,

Did you tried ESC calibration? … esc-motor/

Also you can check if the cable (servo 3 wires cable) is not disconnected from the PDB.

If the ESC needs to be replaced you can send an email to with your order number to apply for the repair of your X8.

Quick update on this.

You do need to completely dismantle everything but it turned out to be relatively easy to solder in a new ESC. It actually looks a lot harder than it is.