Replacement Telemetry Radio setup

I have looked everywhere and cannot find a solution to my problem

I am having no luck connecting my new telemetry module to the existing module in my IRIS+…
The only thing I can find is that they may have to be in pairs. This is what I have done so far…

I connected the telemetry module to PC
It automatically started downloading files for the new USB
It did not come up in Device manager as a new com port as the wiki says it should.
I cannot connect or get anything to happen from mission planner if i hook the telemetry mod up with the USB
I have tried APM planner on mac and also tried it from my tablet with droidplanner???

This all worked before… Please help! So frustrating…

Do you see both units in MP (local and remote)?
Do you have both green LEDs solid?

I’m having the same problem. I have several v2’s that I would love to have ‘bound’ to the same receiver/GCS but they only seem to work in the pairs as I purchased them.