REPL error communicating

Hi, I am trying to learn lua scripting for ardupilot for a school project. I’ve tested a script and got error. Then I tought debugging would be better using REPL but I cant connect.The errors can be seen in the images. I’ve tried missionplanner 1.3.74 and 1.3.75 along with different firmware versions of arducopter.

(keywords: Mavftp responded kCmdWriteFile kErrFailErrno)

Use the latest Mission Planner, and then go to the HELP screen and select “Check for BETA updates.”

Then, do your testing in SITL. Click on the SIMULATION tab and use the dev version of Copter.

I’ve noticed that REPL has some issues in the Rover branch, but I haven’t put enough time into testing that to submit a bug report.

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At first try it stuck on “starting REPL”. Then I’ve enabled scr_enable , reboot pixhawk via the temp menu (ctrl+F) and press the connect button. It’s working now thank you for your help. I wish I was able to use in real hardware tho, I think it doesn’t help me much in my current situation.