Remote Landing

A couple questions I’m having trouble finding answers to:

Is it possible to land remotely, (not at home point) and shut down? (Using Arducopter now, as this was a limitation with WooKongM)

What is needed to do this with Arducopter?

I suggest you post your question on the MP Discussion Forum: … orCategory

What’s the diff between this forum and the DYI forum. I asked it here because the DYI forum is littered with a bunch of people who know nothing.

I’m asking a question I spent the last 2 months trying to get an answer to.


There is better coverage of MP issues on the DIY Drones website.

If i am not wrong sir, you can remotely land it using the mission planner and the telemetry kit.

Using it to give commands to the quad on the go. You can program what each waypoint is suppose to do. For e.g. take a photo, descent to 3000ft or in your case land.

However if you are using the PX4 board, you would need someone to physically go and disarm the board fully by pressing and holding the arm safety button.

The seniors here should be able to give you a more conclusive answer.

I hope i helped you in some way.

In Mission Planner simply use the Land command.

I always use this rather than RTL or similar as it lands the copter just where I want it to land which might be totally different to Home position.

In a mission set a waypoint to where you want to land then have the Land command straight after it.

That’s it.

But… how do you shut down the motors…Remotely. It’s not a real landing unless you kill power
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If you have the throttle at zero when it lands it shuts down the motors and after a few seconds disarms.

This has been my experience with APM 2.5 and FW 3.01

Sorry, I think you’re missing the point of the question.

If there is a remote landing, (ie: 5 miles away) then there is no transmitter to ‘throttle down’. See my point.

Here’s the application: Send medicine to remote villages, land, shut down.

@farufun I think you will get better results if you use sugar rather than vinegar when asking for help from others.

APM is of course Open Source and if you need that function you could write that function.

You need to know that there have been trials of this sort of service that were abandoned in South Africa, maybe it was too early and its day is here now but at the end of the day a man in a van whilst taking longer to get to the village could carry much much more than any UA service. He can also operate in much more weather than a UA.

Delivery of a NATO pallet over a short distance is something many people are working on.

Sugar? Vinegar? All because I said I don’t think you understand the question? C’mon…

Anyway, you didn’t answer the question, rather just spit on my application.

I am well aware of the projects in South Africa.

So, again, SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR… If you’re saying we need to develop this ourselves then fine.

Just checking to see what has been done.

thanks for trying so hard.