Reload factory defaults Quanum Nova

Recently upgraded Quanum Nova to firmware ArduCopter V3.1.5 QUAD and then went through the wizard. After I went through the wizard I found out how to save my settings to a file and now in my extreme paranoia I would like to restore the QUAD to factory defaults using maybe a built in routine or a file someone has saved?

Is there a built in way to reset the Quanum Nova to factory defaults or do I need to find an initial config file from someone?

Mission Planner 1.3.7


here are the default parameters for my Nova which i received in mid August. hope this helps.
[attachment=0]default nova[/attachment]

Mission planner is not recognizing that file. it needs a .parm file not .parms. Can you send it again. i really need it.

I used the same file from “Thayer3”. sucked it in and I saved it on its flash memory. Flew the aircraft today and its better stability and accuracy than my original settings… So, thanks…
Only one issue… I must have clicked on the wrong boxes in Flight Modes screen.

Can you tell me which are the right checkboxes in “flight modes” to select for Quanum Nova?