Relay to fire camera trigger

Very simple. Firing a camera via sony multiport. All that’s required is me to short the cameras ground and trigger pins. Camera ground to aux6 pix ground,camera trigger to pix aux 6 signal.
Followed instructions off a youtube vid, setup relay pin on aux 6, trigger on high,relay default=off, camera trigger set to relay. when i connect it all the camera is constantly firing, so obviously shorting.
Is that what a relay does, short the ground and signal pins?
Not sure why is constantly shorted. tried changing cam_relay_on from high to low, no change.

My setup is in this parameter file if anyone can be bothered,
relay setup.param (13.6 KB)

Found this circuit that works well for triggering Sony multiport cameras the alpha series. requires a multiport usb connect to pins 4 (shutter) and 5 (focus) (not usb 4 and 5, use the 10 pin multiport side) and ground.
Just set an aux pin to relay and setup camera on gimbal page to relay

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I have a Sony A6000 and I followed this guide:

This guide is not up to date and additional setup must be done:

You must set up the aux pin to digital. Aux 1-4 are set to analog by default (see brd_pwm_count = 4).

Option A) Set brd_pwm_count = 0. All aux pins should now be digital. Use any aux as your relay and it should trigger correctly.

Option B) Just use Aux 5 or 6. For me, I just used aux 5 and it worked.

Remember to update relay_pin to your aux pin of choice.