Relay Telem Radios using Serial_PassN

Hi all,

I was flying a pixhawk recently on plane 4.0 and wanted to relay a telemetry radio. I have my main link over telem 1, and then I have another SiK radio on telem2 that is linked with another aircraft.

I was trying to connect to my main aircraft and then receive data from the second aircraft. It worked…almost. The connection was very slow and unreliable, did I misconfigure the serial passthrough settings?

I was using an mro Pixhawk, any info would be great. This is a really cool feature.

Could simply be a frequency conflict, creating bandwidth issues due to error rate. If both radio pairs are on the same frequency range, try halving the spread, with one pair top half, the other below. For instance 902-914 and 916-928 if using 900MHz ISM in the USA.

if both links are mavlink ArduPilot already passes through all the messages for you, no need to use serial passthrough just set them up as mavlink as usual.

Not sure if it is related, but perhaps it can help. We have also been having some issues with slow and unreliable serial ports on pixhawk 1 using plane 4.0. It can be so bad that the parameters are not loading when connecting to MissionPlanner over SiK (the only serial dev connected to the pixhawk). We do not see the same problems when downgrading to 3.9.11, or when using the Holybro Durandal (we have seen the same problem on many different ph1 devices and ph2.1)

See this issue for more details