Reinitializing In the Air

Hi, my copter initialized itself while flying. I think it is about pixhawk board power. My autopilot is MiniPix V1.2 from Radiolink. This board came with lots of problem to me. I didn’t understand the problem clearly. Any suggest?
00000003.BIN (230.7 KB)

Yes. Read this and then throw it in the trash.
Radiolink junk

I see but I want just a stable fly. I am wondering which firmware (the latest Arducopter V 4.3 ? ) is the best for miniPix. What is the problem in this crash, I couldn’t figure it out clearly

We just cant tell.
Motor outputs for example, which should be logged according to your settings, are not logged at all, as if they dont exist. Are the motors wired up correctly??
The stability is not there at all, the copter just tips over without trying to stabilise itself at all.
It doesnt appear armed, even though you’ve got an arming switch set.
This is not normal.

There’s no GPS fix, like you are inside instead of outside in a field. This would be a bad idea.
Make sure you are outside with plenty of space for test flights. Once everything is working perfectly and you are a wizard with the “sticks” then try for indoor flight.

If you think you can run through the mandatory calibrations again, and the HUD in MissionPlanner moves in sync with the copter when you move it by hand, you might be in with a chance.
Play around in MissionPlanner motor test, check everything is OK there for MOTOR_SPIN_ARM and MOTOR_SPIN_MIN and the order of motors.
You should also connect to MissionPlanner and do the “Initial Parameters” and put in your prop size and battery cell count.
Also set these :

If you cant get it to arm with that Arming check set, then you need to fix what ever issue is present. Dont disable the arming checks.

Well, let’s see what the Manufacturer Radiolink says shall we?
Mini Pix firmware

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