Regarding MinimOSD defect in two units

OSD shows video but no data overlay + video feed shows noise on power up.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. The noise on the video feed goes away when i touch the chips!
  2. Tried enabling telemtery in the APM Mission Planner but it doesnt solve the problem.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Expect to see Data overlay as it showed on the first power up. Subsequent power ups it just shows video with no data overlay

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
using V1.1 on the PX4 FMU+IO boards

Please provide any additional information below.

An update to my situation.

I had actually bought two minimosd’s and both of them had the same problem.

So I have sent both of the units to my local hobby shop and they should be sending it back to you to check what’s the problem with it…

Would really appreciate any kind of help…

Can you post how you are connecting them up?

The recommended way is to use a separate Video battery to reduce noise

see … y-for-fpv/

[quote=“billbonney”]Can you post how you are connecting them up?

The recommended way is to use a separate Video battery to reduce noise

see … y-for-fpv/[/quote]

Yes sir! In fact, I followed the set up specifically for fatshsark users.

The thing is that, the OSD works when I use it with a MinimOSD borrowed from my friend but not with the two units I bought.

And my friends MinimOSD and my two OSD’s are different.

Are those genuine 3DR products or clones?

Yes sir. They are genuine.
Bought it from a local hobby shop which is a official distributor in Singapore.

Sounds like they need to be returned and replaced.

I have returned them to the shop I bought it from. He will be contacting you to see whats the problem.
Hopefully we can find out what was wrong with them and improve the product…

I finally got the two units back!

Apparently 3DR were kind enough to give me a replacement.
This time this certain component has the number ‘102F’ on it. It is located near the video in-out pins.
The previous units has ‘102D’ components on them.
They have also clear heat shrinked the whole unit. ( i guess the PCB is sensitive to touch)

Quickly flashed one of the units and hooked it up. Works like a charm now. I also dedicated a secondary smaller battery to power the MinimOSD this time!

Thanks for the support!

Great, happy flying