Regarding drone transmission power

Could anybody please tell if a drone transmits more power or its controller?


I think it may be more complex in some cases. The Journey SV2700 also transmits back. It sends streaming video and telemetry about compass direction, onboard battery level etc.

On this same area of discussion - what does the network looks like when I am using the controller, my phone and the drone? Do each have an IP address (i.e. 3 addresses)?

No. The controller does not have an IP address, nor WIFI. It communicates only with the radio chip on the flight controller board inside the drone and only using the DSM family of RC protocols.

In case you were also wondering; This means that Firmware updates for the flight controller are first sent from the phone or other computer via IP over WIFI to the Sonix board, then from there using MAVLINK via a serial port to the flight controller with the last hop being special messages to the controller via DSM.


That is correct @brad112358 thanks for adding to the discussion.

Additionally, there are some parameters within the flight controller which can modify radio transmission TX and RX power. You can play with those to get more distance from your SV.

For the OP’s original question, the transmitter will have the highest power, and be transmitting the most data during normal flight conditions. The drone (i think) is only sending basic flight mode data back tot he controller for the SV2450. in the 2700, tridge expanded the DSM interface (required a new Tx board as well) to send back more data to the controller. I’m not sure exactly what they both send, but you can look into the code to see for yourself
The master branch is the 2450
the cc2500 branch is the Journey
the beken branch is the Fury
…I think…I might have that backwards.