REFLEX XTR² RC Model Flight Simulator + SITL

I have contacted Reflex and they are willing to work with ardupilot developers to create an SITL for our use. If you haven’t used their sim they have a 14-day free trial. I feel like it is a significant improvement over realflight. I’m trying to have them quantify this in some way other than Jeff’s personal thoughts but would this be something that I would be able to get developer help on? Is there someone here I could put him in touch with?

It sounds like they are willing to provide some free licensing and help from their side to get this working. I worked one license in for whoever can help from the Ardupilot team. (Probably more but I didn’t want to push my luck right off the bat and if they won’t, my foundation may be able to purchase for you)

What do I need to do to get some traction on this?

If this is outside of what you typically do, would you be able to help with a scope of work? I can do a lot if I have even the tiniest bit of guidance.

Thank you for your time fellas. =)

hi Jeff, I’m happy to discuss with them. I added support for RealFlight, so I’m pretty familiar with the key issues.
The key things we don’t have in RealFlight that I’d love to see in this type of simulator are:

  • lock-step scheduling, so we get good physics even with variable network lag to the SITL instance
  • ability to have multiple vehicles flying together and interacting
  • mixing electric and petrol engines in one model
  • more than 12 total actuators

Cheers, Tridge

btw, on price, I’m perfectly happy to pay for the license.