Redundant Receiver

Greetings to the ArduPilot community,

Do any of you know of any redundancy system for the receivers?

The idea is to be able to take off a UAV with a radio control and after the UAV travels up to 100 km away, another pilot can land the UAV with a different radio control. Is this possible?

I tried some ground tests connecting two receivers to a “Y” cable and this one to the RC IN of the pixhawk and they worked fine, but I’m not 100% sure about using this method.

Thank you.

Well, the FrSky R9 does support redundancy, however I believe it’s range is about 10km at best conditions

With the FrSky R9 can I put two receivers on the plane and use them with 2 radio controls?

The first pilot at a point “A” At least can take off the UAV and then by car move to a point “B” and that another pilot can land with another different radio control?

Basically you cannot because the receiver will not know to which tx to respond to. However, with r9 you can have two receivers connected to the fc and each is bound to a different tx