Redundant RC receivers

I’m looking for options to use multiple different RF band receivers in order to get RC redundancy in very noisy RF environments.
One option would be using a secondary device that receives monitors and selects 1 from many SBUS channels, but i was wondering if Ardupilot had any builtin options (PPM or SBUS)?
Between, 433M, 900M, 2.4G and 5.8G there’s a good chance you’ll have reliable reception on at least 1 band even in very noisy environments.

I don’t think we can handle multiple RC inputs, but you can have multiple telemetry radios: so in theory, 2.4GHz RC, UHF (915/868/433) telemetry and wifi or lte telemetry all at once.
Redundant RC would require an external device u

Thanks, i was hoping that it was possible that i could use 900M on PPM and 2.4G on SBUS, as i have my RC-TX setup with 2.4G internal and 900M external which can be used in parallel.

They run on the same pin unfortunately

The FrSky equipment can provide redundancy on multiple frequencies with 1 output. You might want to consider researching their equipment.