Redundancy power through PPM encoder via RCIN?

Im looking into powering my RX via a BEC or BEC supported battery pack, to cover for power transients using a retract servo system.

Now, I realize that my RX is powered from the PixHawk via the PPM encoder by default from the RCIN port.

But, what I can’t find on the wiki is wether the PixHawk can get back up power via the RCIN port through my PPM encoder or not? (redundancy)

(I see a secondary BEC can be connected trough any “PWM ports” in this wiki sketch. Does RCIN share the same power rail as the rest?: … xhawk2.jpg)

Hi Flyhard,

The RCIn have a 5V output to power a receiver or in this case the PPM encoder. If you plan to power the receiver from a different power source don’t connect the power wire to the PPM encoder only the signal and ground.

If you want redundancy power to the pixhawk you can do that on the PWM ports, as you already saw in the schematic you posted. Here’s more info: … er_Pixhawk

RC In outputs 5v only. It does not take power in.

Super Thanks for the wake up replies :slight_smile: !! Pretty obvious to skip power connection btwn RCIN and Encoder if powering the RX directly…once I red it, hehe!

RC In outputs 5v only. It does not take power in.

Well, my PixHawk is powered via the PPMencoder! Powering only the RX with a BEC, the PixHawk is lit up by power flowing from the TX through the PPMencoder.

Then my question is wether this will be adequate PixHawk power redundancy or not? This is paralleling of BECs, which I understand is not that good sometimes…