Reducing interval between each STATUSTEXT message


I would like to reduce the interval at which the flightcontroller sends out the statustext messages, may i know how i can do so?

It is currently sending out every 30s.


status text messages are not streams. so they don’t send every X seconds. They are sent because something happened (good, bad, or just for debugging) in the autopilot. May I ask, what is the purpose?


Does this mean that the moment something has happened, the autopilot will immediately send out a status text message? For example, the moment a particular failsafe is cleared, a status text message will be sent with this information.

I wasn’t sure whether or not the information will be provided immediately so i was thinking of reducing the interval between each status text message so as to get an update from the autopilot sooner rather than later.

Also, would you know what all the status text messages that the autopilot will send out are? If you could point me to a particular location of the code or a link that can show me this i would greatly appreciate it!

Many thanks!

Yes. It immediately sends.

They are defined in the source code. Anything with gcs().send_text(); in the source code corresponds to STATUS_TEXT messages.
Instead of this messages, I recommend you to look at stream messages. They contains lots of information about vehicle state. Which specific state(s) you want to monitor about the vehicle?

Ok thank you for the clarification

May i know where i can read these stream messages?

I would like to monitor all failsafe statuses as well as certain sensor statuses such as GPS and compass. I know that in the SYS_STATUS messages sent out by the autopilot, there is the onboard_control_sensors_health variable that i can use, is this the best way or are there other ways of monitoring sensor statuses?


yes, you can use them.
There is a screen called MAVLink inspector in Mission Planner. You can look at the streams and other messages.