Receiving multiple GPS coordinates from multiple MP

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I was wondering if anyone is aware of previous posts or projects. Where someone had a copter that allowed for it to receive GPS coordinates from multiple GS. I’m working on a project where the drone will return to “home”/location but will figure out the return location by sending out a call and any listening MP/Ground stations will reply with their GPS location. Then using either A* or Dijkstra Algorithm, I was going to set the new GPS location as the “home” location and let the mode RTL take over afterwards.

I’m using RFD900x telemetry set because my project is supposed to go long distances and “bounce” from different GS.

I think you could solve this by setting rally points through a lua script, then RTL will automatically fly to the closest rally point or home point…

The objective is basically create a physical GS that can be placed anywhere in the world. Then have the drone start at another position in world. When it gets low charge, locate the nearest GS and go land at that position. So I can look into setting rally points using lua script, but you never know where the points are, so we were thinking of having the GS send out a message when it receives a message from the nearby drone. Then go find that GS (the closest one)

I also saw your separate message from the other thread, so could see about that one as well.

You can use MAV_CMD_DO_SET_HOME message.

Hi Mustafa,
I will look into that one. Thank you!
Thank you everyone who has given advice.I’m very new to coding with ardupilot.
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