Receiver for Blade 450 with Pixhawk

I have ordered a Pixhawk and am planning to install it on my Blade 450. Would someone be able to tell me which Spektrum receiver I can connect to the Pixhawk (I use a Spectrum radio)? I don’t believe my Blade 450 stock receiver will connect.
If this is not the correct forum, please forgive me.
Any directions or suggestions are appreciated.

Although I haven’t done this myself yet, I am starting the process.
What you need is a Spektrum satellite receiver, that works by itself.
But you need a regular spectrum receiver that will communicate with the satellite to be able to bind it and set it up.
Only the satellite receiver gets connected to the copter because the satellite is PPM-Sum.
The range is limited due to the short antenna on Spektrum satellite receivesr, there is an alternative to use a Hobbyking DSMX compatible receiver that provides PPM-Sum. … rt_Rx.html