Recalibrate After Crash?


I have a 3DR X8+ I purchase in Feb of this year. I fly it stock. While flying I went to low and it got into the tall grass and flipped over. Speed was about 6 m/s. The only damage was the GPS mast broke. My question is do I need to calibrate all or only some of the sensors after a crash?

I will calibrate the compass anyway.

Thank you for your help.

Hi DeanRc

If you broke your mast, gps has moved, so you need to recalibrate it, after the re-install.
if its mounted with a magnetometer, do the mag calibration too.

(Sorry for the double post)

When your sensors (or gps) moves, you may not return it exactly on their previous position, 1 or 2 degrees can disturb your x8

As far as I’m aware there is no calibration for a GPS sensor, but it is a combined GPS + Compass module by the looks of it so would need the compass calibration doing.

Even if it wasn’t a combined unit, if it was me I’d do the compass and accelerometer calibration again just to be on the safe side.

Thank you, LoriuQ and MarkM. I’m still waiting on the mast to arrive so I’m watching vidoes and reading up on how to do the calibrations.

I bought the RTF version and it came with the 3DR u-blox GPS with Compass.

How can I tell if a GPS is mounted with a magnetometer?

Combo gps+compass will have two sets of cables going to it from the pixhawk, one from the GPS connector and one from the i2c connector (the compass).

If they’re not combined together then the cables from the pixhawk will go to two individual boards.

The rtf kit is a combo one though I’m 99.99% certain

You are correct MarkM. Mine is the combo. I have one wire going to the Pixhawk and one wire plugged into the i2c.

Thanks for your help and adivce!