Rear left motor lifting when yawing


I am not sure if this is hardware or software or a param. I thought it must be hardware,but I replaced/swapped around motors and esc on number 1 and 2 arm. I think it just started, if not then I didn’t notice it before but it is hard to believe. I made some videos of whar ir is doing. there are 3 videos, sorry for the quality. I am running ver 3.2-rc5 but it started while using rc4.

here are the videos (the beeping is a bad battery cell but this happens with good battery too)

I also attached the log for these flights in the videos

thanks for any help, this one is really driving me crazy


I received an answer to this on another forum.

It seems it was that the motors (one of them actually) was not level or pointing straight up. the arms are round tubes and one of the motor mounts must have moved on me.