RealFlight SITL plane flies vertical

Helo, all

There must be something simple I am missing,

I have the SITL interfaced with RealFlight 8. Copter works great! But plane feels like the the ahrs orientation is 90 degrees off. The nav ball is correctly showing the plane orientation and is completely blue or green when it is most stable.

I tried resetting to default parameters no dice.

I have changed the AHRS_ORIENTATION parameter to try to compensate. The plane flies horizontal now, but is not very controllable.

Mission Planner 1.3.52 ArduPlane V3.8.3-dev


Hi Travis,

Did you ever find out the answer to your question? I’m experiencing a similar issue but I think you have to set ahrs orientation to 25.


Hi all
Having the same type for problem. Real Flight 9.5 plane fly’s fine in all modes until I preform an auto tune. After a successful auto tune I switch out of manual mode into FBWA or B or RTL and the plane goes vertical like it wants to hover, can not override this. Don’t know what to do.
Thanks for any help in advance.