Real Time monitor all arducopter messages

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I want to monitor all data as much as I can. Is there any way to do this? My aim is to create an Intrusion Detection System on it, that’s why I need to monitor all the data. If you had any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Use mavros, and extend it by writing c++ plugins

Can you be more specific on that? I know the mavros and how can I interact with the mavros. Can I see what I saw on the mission planner software which is real-time generated data?

If so, do you know any tutorial about that?

No, mavros has no “mavlink inspector” functionality. If that is what you mean.

Both pymavlink and mavros allow you to build an automated system to parse and validate all mavlink messages. But you do need to program it. It has not been AFAIK been done yet.

We do very extensive automated real-time checks on our IAV software, but is specific to out needs and it is not open source. Sorry for not being more specific.

Many of our diagnostics are been merged and are included in the official mavros plugins. I hope that helps

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Ok. I need to program it then. Thank you.

I believe I found one.


We can easily interact with received messages from mavlink.