Ready to fly platforms

Hi all,

Im looking for a ready to fly drone like Mavic. I first must admit my frustrations and appologize up front. Seems the forums links to ready to fly platforms are not current.

  1. Does anyone make a ready to fly hybrid gas generator drone that is ardupilot/pixhawk/open sourced? There was a person named Nicolai Valenti, from SandwichAero but website is not working.


  1. Does anyone make a ready to fly platform that has these following minumum requirements.
    —At least 1 hour of airtime, more if possible.
    —Ground Control/Mission planning software
    —4g communications
    —drone needs to be able to travel 30 miles, out sight, but always have full telemetry through 4/5g network.
    —GPS within 1 foot or optical recognition of takeoff and landing targets or both if required.
    —Collision Avoidance lidar
    —Aircraft collision avoidance
    —Night vision
    —Carry 12 oz of water, with pump and one squirter
    —open source hardware/software for package upgrades or changes.
    —The ability to track a person in view and follow at a specified distance.
    —be able to land and takeoff in a specified purpose built platform.

This drone would be used for security surveillance for a large property and tresspassing, drug addicted, thieving homeless.

I would prefer to purchase a ready to fly package however if this doesnt exist im not opposed to building my own. The problem is finding reputable dealers for rtf or kits seems a challenge along with who has the best, most durable platforms. I would be grateful for any help and links.
Thanks in advance.

Probably Foxtech is you best bet, there may be more
I think you’ll be able to specify the level of build, that is how much work or add-ons you supply yourself, or a complete out-of-the-box solution.
Many of the things you list are on many peoples wish-lists and are not all easy to do.