"Ready for 1st flight" check failed

I have configured Pixhawk to run my traditional Heli (Blade 450). I have 2 problems/concerns I’m hoping I can get help with.
1 - I have configured the servos and the swash plate moves correctly with sticks. However, when I physically move the heli in any direction, the swash plate seems to tip in that direction. I have checked my wiring and can’t see anything wrong. I haven’t tried to fly yet but this certainly seems the exact opposite of the response I should get.
2 - Arming is throttle down and rudder to the left. I know it is supposed to be down to the right. What have I misconfigured for it to work this incorrect way?
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I have a Pixhawk on a Blade 450 with a
Spektrum DX9 AR9020 9CH rcvr with a PPM

Bob (thanks for suggestions)

Bob, it sounds to me like you have the same problem in both cases. You have reversed the roll pitch and yaw outputs from your radio, and then reversed the servo direction in Arducopter such that they move in the correct direction to the reversed radio commands. However, this leaves you with the situation where the servos move in the wrong direction when the autopilot makes a correction (when you tilt it).

That would also explain why arming is down and left.

You may or may not have to reverse the collective pitch in the radio, but pitch roll and yaw should typically not need to be reversed. The reason why collective sometimes does, is because some radios, particularly Futaba, actually outputs Ch3 reversed by default, so you need to reverse it to get it the right way up… Yes, it’s confusing.

At the end, if you have the throttle/collective stick down to arm, and the servos are moving the correct way, then you should have it. For roll and pitch, you should have the servos move the correct way according to your stick input, and then if you pitch or roll the heli, the swash should counter the movement.

Thank you. I reversed the channels on the radio, recalibrated and voila! It works. Such an easy fix. I should have been able to figure this out with the clues I had. Oh well… adds more to this wonderful experience.
Now the scary part… actually powering up with props and starting to tune. I hope I’m up to this without crashing my heli.
[color=#0000FF]Thanks Rob for excellent advice.[/color]