Reading Motor Outputs

Hi all,

Im a new in using Ardupilot and have been continuously fascinated by what the developers can do. Im actually doing a project that requires creating a small application using dronekit-python to read the rc outputs 1 to 4 (basically my motor pwm outputs) from my pixhawk 2.1 cube.

So far I am able to access, read and print my rc in channels (ch 1 to 8) by following the example “Channels and channel overrides” from (, I have read almost everything available online related to rc outputs but I am stuck on doing the same for rc outputs.

So my question here is if anyone knows how to access, read and print the rc output values? It can be in the form of pwm values too. sorry if I sound unprofessional as I still have a lot to learn in this area.

Look for the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW message.

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the reply. Yeap I have read about it but not sure how to implement and if its able to be used within ardupilot. Do I implement it using method that is similar to the Channels and channel overrides example or do I have to define my own my function at the start of the script?

Hi, i also got same problem. if ur problem solved could u please tell me how to read the output channel

                       thank you