Read NMEA sentences from GPS

Hello everyone, I have a Pixhawk 4 and a Pixhawk 4 GPS module, and I need to read the NMEA sentences that the GPS outputs. I created a passthrough with mission planner and u-center, but it was only outputting UBX, messages, and when I switch GPS_TYPE from 1 to 5, I get a “GPS: No GPS” error in Mission Planner, without any other errors I was in a outside in the open when I tried this, and when configured to u-blox it gets a fix without a problem. I am sure the GPS supports NMEA, so I have no clue why this is happening. Anyone got an idea?

Thanks in advance!

You need to manually configure the GPS to NMEA.
Switching from GPS_TYPE from 1 to 5 only changes the ardupilot side. You need to change the GPS side first.

Hey, thanks for the reply, I am really new to this. When you say “change the GPS side”, you mean connect it to my PC and use something like u-center? Just want to make sure because I never done this before.
Thanks again!

Yes, that is what i meant.

Hey Nathan,

Connect your GPS to u-center, go to view → Configuration View → MSG (Messages Tab). There you can configure the rate for the NMEA streams, so they will be available for you in the UART. With this set up, you can use any kind of Terminal to save a log with these messages.