Reaction to Failsafe Mode

I have an issue with my Failsafe mode in combination with my reveiver.

If my receiver (DR-7 Multiplex) activates the FAILSAFE mode the servos stay for 16 seconds as programmed.
After the 16 seconds the receiver switches to a mode where no information is sent to the servos anymore (freeze).
This works fine as long as I setup my receiver without the ardupliot.
Throttle goes to zero with Failsafe and stays at zero even after the 16 seconds.

If I connect the ardupilot I have a very strange behaviour.
After the 16 secondes throttle goes up to 100%.
I have disabled all the FAILSAFE options at ardupilot.
But it looks like that in the moment the reveiver does not send any information (after 16 secondes) the reaction of the ardupilot is to increase to full throttle.

Any thoughts or ideas?
Many Thanks

Hi Christopher. This page should help. … ba0d50bb6f

Thanks, Grant.