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Re-establish Tower?

(Alex) #1

Does anyone think that it is worth revive Tower development?

Maybe find new main maintainer?

Where is the tower app for android !?
(Matt) #2

Really it’s not a matter of “finding someone”. Someone needs to volunteer to do it. It’s been a long time and there aren’t really any willing people apparently. Aero-Hawk forked it and updated it for the latest releases of Android. I think it has a few odds and ends specifically for their vehicles but it’s still tower and just does what tower has always done. Nothing new really. The Solex app has LOTS of new improvements you can use for ArduPilot now.

(Dave) #3

I nominate Alex Shafir.

(Alex) #4

To be honest I would become maintainer itself.

If so I wonder from what to start:

  • Fork project and nominate myself.
    But how to gain attention so that I am not alone in my pursuit?
  • Obtain write access from main maintainers?
    But I doubt it it possible as Fredia (former dev) has left

It seems like fork option is the most suitable

(Dimitris Arampatzis) #5

Tower is the best Android app for Ardupilot

(Alex) #6

Ok, so I decided to make my own fork:

Github discussion regarding “resurrection”:

First steps:

(Andrea Belloni) #7

I am really happy to see this!
good luck Alex!

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(Andrea Belloni) #8

I did this PR on dronekit-android to better manage the relative alt on Tower status bar, maybe could be useful.

(Tim D) #9

I find it interesting that time and energy is waited on APM_Planner yet we have no mobile GS from ardupilot.