I’m probably doing something blindingly stupid, I have been trying to map the correct channels all afternoon and made no headway.

I am using a DJT module in a JR PCX 9XIII speaking to a D4R-II the TX is Mode 2

I see the channels and switches move in Mission planner so the receiver is bound and speaking to the APM 2.6

Try as I might though changing channel numbers in RCMAP in advanced parameters seems to do nothing.

Plenty of searches undertaken and I can’t see an answer, it will be something silly that I have not accounted for.

Have you tried restarting after a change, they might only be assigned after a reboot.

Also be careful when doing this using the APM 2.5/6. The onboard PPM encoder will be in passthrough mode, but it also puts ch3 low on no valid PPM signal. This can cause a crash, if its e.g your roll channel when you remapped. The best option is to use the solder jumpers underneath to connect the PPM stream direct to APM.

Then on failsafe set the FrSky D4RII to pull your throttle channel low, e.g CH1 etc… Or no signal(haven’t verified no signal, so would need that confirmed)

Best still is just to have a radio that can output PPM in the order of AETR, that the apm uses.

Thanks for answering Bill, I did power down after each change, and refreshed values would the reset button been better?

I think it will be a change of receiver for me, its just a pity I use another autopilot with the D4R-II and its very small and does its job very well.

Ok V8FR-II fitted instead, you can’t possibly support every receiver out there just had to make sure I was not doing anything stupid!

I’m a bit confused by your problem. you say mode, but obviously the throttle channel is not moving as expected, or you want to swap roll/pitch?
What sequence is the JR Radio?
I assume you are using a FrSky DJT module?
I also like the D4RII its small, and is working great for me (with a Turnigy9x/FlySky/Taranis, though you can set the FW to be AETR for ch1234 for that)

Yes that’s exactly it Bill, the channel assignments were in the wrong place and even after renumbering them they remained wrong! Perhaps I need to look at the FW, but for now I want to get this lot into an airframe and go flying :wink:

It took me long enough to believe in 2.4 now perhaps I will have to make the leap and get a Taranis :wink: