RCIN3 (throttle) channel is not regconized in Loiter mode


I have a test today that the copter flies both AltHold mode and Loiter mode.
When being in the AltHold, RCIN3 can be read and displayed from the telemetry graph and bin log
When being in the Loiter or PosHold, RCIN3 is not read
Check the video and my log here

Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gCPgApBhTgxp6gAu5

Log (but you can’t see the RCIN3 here in the Loiter mode despite I had some input): no_rcin3_loiter_poshold.bin - Google Drive

Would like to see whether it is a bug or not because it just happens today!

Never heard about this bug… but try to update to the latest stable version and see if the problem persists.

Will do, but I just want to make sure if it is firmware independent!

If the throttle wasn’t recognized it wouldn’t be hovering. Not sure what you are describing here. Surely no bug in an old 4.2.2 version from almost a year ago. And if it was (don’t recall any mention of that) who cares now?

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The throttle is regconized at the neutral state only in Loiter mode. I should change the tittle to “the change of RCIN3” rather than “RCIN3”.

By the way, check the video and you can see the symptom.
Short description of the video: In mode AltHold → Change throttle → Observable change in RC3 via Tunning graph in MP. In mode Loiter → Change throttle → Non-observable the change in RC3, it just stays at the neutral PWM.

As @BrunoBagarini suggested update to latest Stable and then post in that thread if the problem persists.

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How are you changing between modes?

The log looks OK, altitude is adjusted with the RC3 channel - but are you saying you are moving the throttle stick in Loiter mode and nothing is happening?
Are other stick inputs working, pitch, roll, yaw ?

There must be some settings in the transmitter (like mixing) that is preventing output or setting a static value for RC3 output while a switch is in a particular position (Loiter mode).

This is not a problem with MissionPlanner or Ardupilot or we would have about 20000 reports of this daily.

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Hi guys,

The reason is that SA stick accidentally triggered the throttle hold function which I was not aware of.
Obviously, it is about the remote controller. There is nothing to do with MP or AP.

Thanks for the help.

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