RCIN and RCOUT not in DataFlash logfile

trying to analyze the DataFlash logs, I was surprised to not find the RCIN and RCOUT categories in them. I included a link to a logfile below. The RCIN and RCOU parameters appear in the FMT messages, but not in the logs themselves. A logfile can be found here:
About the setup:
I am running a Holybro Pixhawk with ArduPlane V3.8.5. The Parameter LOGBIT_MASK is set to the maximum, which as standard for the Pixhawk hardware. I am using a Raspberry Pi companion computer, that connects to the Pixhawk using the second telemetry port and runs a MAVProxy script. It records the telemetry as well as downloads the DataFlash Logs. Further more, it records data from other sensors.
So far, it had worked quite good with GPS information, so I am a bit surprised to not find the RC being logged.
Can somebody give me a hint about how to fix it?
Kind regards,