RC5 issue with pulsing Motors leading to vibrations in Video


i need some help to troubleshoote some issue with RC5.
On my test Y6 copter with brushless camera Gimbal and Nex7 RC4 was installed.
Everything was fine and i was very happy with the vidoe results.
After i installed RC5 i’m having problems with vibrations as soon i switch to Alt hold.
nothing was changed on the brushless gimbal ! what i see in the attached log is that the motor getting fast pulses leading to this problem. In the beginnig i thought it might be an issue with the motors or props and replace all of them and rebalanced the props.

after modifying Throttle P rate from 1 to 0.8 it got better but still i have issues when flying fast.

could someone have a look at the attached log and help me to find out what’s wrong or how i can tune the copter to get it more smooth ?

here a video of the flight youtu.be/M6zfzFuTtOY

for the configuration:
selfmade CFK Y6 with selfmade gimbal
RCtimer 4108-380 motors and ESC40A with 15 x 6.5 props @6s 5000
Pixhawk + futaba r7008SB

for the help !


Is a know problem, already reported, read here:

groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en# … 9kYs2NkUXI

There’s a fix but not pushed at the moment.


Hi Marco,
but this is only in case EFK is active (not my case)

X2 with RC5