RC Remote Configuration Problem

I have calibrated RC and ESC.
Configured the Quadcopter.
In mission planner, the RC Channels are working perfect. ie; Throttle and Roll in Right stick, Pitch and Yaw in Left stick. It’s showing same in Mission planner also.

But in real flight, the Yaw and Roll is interchanged. ie; Throttle and Yaw (Left - Right movement) in Right stick and Pitch and Roll in Left stick.

It’s really difficult to control and fly.

I saw changing channels in both RC Remote and Mission Planner. But nothing working perfectly for me.

How can i check and confirm it without propellers and how to solve this problem?

I tried RC Mapping, but again the sticks interchanged somehow and nothing working perfectly.

I’m using Futaba T14SG with R7008SB Receiver.
Firmware 3.5.4 ArduCopter.

Thanks in advance.