RC Output Mapping - PixRacer --SOLVED

G’day guys,
I don’t often post asking for help, but this one has me stumped.
I’m putting together a new quad, with a PixRacer and 4-in-1 esc, set for oneshot125.
The esc has a micro JST connector, which I soldered directly to the pixracer pwm outputs.
I thought I had the order correct, but apparently not, as motortest went ACDB rather than ABCD.
Which isn’t going to work…As I’m running AC3.5rc11 on the board, I thought I’d take advantage of RC Output remapping, to set the correct Servo_function value for the way I have wired it up. But the remapping won’t hold. I change it, write params, then reload params, and it looks fine. I reboot the pixracer, and the servo mapping is back to defaults. How do I fix this?

Does this reproduce in SITL?

No, doesn’t replicate in SITL.

Peter’s suggestion to replicate in SITL reminded me that I have MAVProxy on my computer, so I did the remapping through that, and it stuck :slight_smile: Test flight successful too, so happy all round.
Unsure why the remapping wouldn’t stick with either QGC or MP though: I should do a little fault finding and see if I have a permissions issue or something.