RC Options in Arduplane

I there any way in Arduplane to assign Ch7 and CH8 to function like RTL, Save Waypoint , Trigger Camera etc in the same way it can be done In Arducopter

David Ardis

If you load Arduplane V3.10.0-dev you will have these options on up to 16 channels.

Note, however, that the list of options is (currently!) much shorter than
Copter and Rover!

camera trigger is in there.

RTL (and the other modes) are not.

Save waypoint was (annoyingly) a little complicated to do in a nice way
cross-vehicle the first time I looked at it due to Copter’s “magic
waypoint 0” code. Next time :slight_smile:


I checked on Mission Planner Simulator and this function is not included yet. Is it a few versions behind

Will RTL and other modes eventually be added to plane?

David Ardis

Hi there!
I am not finding RCn_OPTION in arduplane 3.9.6. Is there a parameter you must configure in order to get access to these options? Thanks for the help!

they have not yet made it to the stable release, there in master here:

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