RC options for the plane - autotune is missing on purpose?

Hi, as i did not deal with planes before, i still find some differences compared to the copter setup - this one i just would like to confirm with somebody, if i understand it correctly. mission planner skips certain options that are available for the Copter when it is connected to the controller with Plane code in it.
specifically - in the list below all options from 17 to 23 are excluded.

17 is the autotune, that on copters almost always gets set on a dedicated channel on its own switch.
does it mean that for planes it is not doable at all, and a function 17 on a dedicated switch will be ignored? so, essentially, is the shorter list below is a complete list of all that works on a plane, and only that?

RC13_OPTION 0 0:Do Nothing 4:ModeRTL 9:Camera Trigger 16:ModeAuto 24:Auto Mission Reset 28:Relay On/Off 29:Landing Gear 34:Relay2 On/Off 30:Lost Plane Sound 31:Motor Emergency Stop 35:Relay3 On/Off 36:Relay4 On/Off 38:ADSB Avoidance En 41:ArmDisarm 43:InvertedFlight 46:RC Override Enable 51:ModeManual 55:ModeGuided 56:ModeLoiter 58:Clear Waypoints 62:Compass Learn 64:Reverse Throttle 65:GPS Disable 66:Relay5 67:Relay6 72:ModeCircle 77:ModeTakeoff 78:RunCam Control 79:RunCam OSD Control 100:KillIMU1 101:KillIMU2 208:Flap 102:Camera Mode Toggle

Right. Autotune is not a RCx_OPTION selection. Flight mode only.

Yep, I looked up the code also. Odd, but, ok. Odd why parachute was also removed from the plane. It would make more sense to have it on a plane than on a multi rotor.

Also, just a practical question- as you lift off in an auto tune mode - how long does it usually take for autotune process to finish? I guess plane has to fly straight line during it?

It doesn’t work like Copter, you have to make pitch/roll inputs manually after engaging Autotune in Plane.

Chute is available. Perhaps not on FC’s with 1Mb flash but not sure about that. It’s there for a Kakute F7.

List I posted above is from matek f765, 2mb flash. Odd.