RC# max / Min PWM

Hi all, this is my first attempt at this system and my first nwebe post.
I am setting up a HK UAV 3000. This is a V tale.
I am struggling to work out how to set the servo travel for the surfaces. Sure I can set them up in the transmitter but how dose the Auto Pilot know the Max and Min throw.
I presumed perambulator RC#_max_PWM would RC#_min_PWM would set this. However upon changing then there is no difference.

Also I don’t know which related to which output. I would have guessed RC1= aileron RC2=Elevator RC3 Throttle and RC4 Rudder.

Since I can’t find any info on this, i’m either searching with the wrong wording or I’m jumping the gun and just need to set the travels via TX. My concern, or rather lack on knowledge of the system can’t understand how the Auto Pilot knows the limits.

Would somebody be so kind as to enlighten me.

I recommend manually adjusting your linkages (servo arm holes and control horn holes) to get good max deflections at full stick movement in “manual” mode.

You then adjust the PID values for stabilized flight modes.

For the V-Tail, you can adjust the “MIXER_GAIN” higher than 0.5 if you want but it will then clamp for situations where you have max deflection of both elevator and rudder.

Changing the limits on your transmitter doesn’t affect the stabilized modes in any good way and you really should re-do the APM radio calibration step afterwards.

Thank you for your reply, I will try this, makes scene. I was concerned doing it in the TX would not be the best way.