RC Link loss in data flash logs

I was recently flying a long distance mission and thought the RC Failsafe was enabled but it turned out that it wasn’t (FS_THR_ENABLE == 0, FS_OPTIONS == 1). I’d like to look in the logs to see if we actually did maintain RC link or if we lost it. I’m looking at the RC_IN messages and from it, it looks fine, but I want to be sure I’m interpreting the logs correctly. I did a test this morning with FS_THR_ENABLE == 1, took off to 15m and shut the RC controller off. It registered the failsafe, but didn’t RTL (because FS_OPTIONS ==1).

Looking at the logs now, I see the RC failsafe error messages, but looking at RC_IN Channel 3, the PWM never dropped below FS_THR_VALUE. Is there another to tell from the logs if R/C link was lost?