RC ignored after Mavproxy commands


I’m using my hexacopter with Mavproxy commands and python code. For instance, I want my UAV to take off so I use the following command:

python takeoff.py 10

There isn’t problem with that but I can’t control it with my RC during the process.

Is it possible to add a line to the aim to override the MavProxy process and let the RC handle?

I’ve already seen solutions with downgrading the MavProxy version.

Note: I only can use the ermegency switch.



That takeoff.py is probably either doing RC overrides or putting the
vehicle into “guided mode”.

Either way, at the moment, you can’t use RC.

One option you would have it to monitor the RC channels in takeoff.py and
cancel the takeoff / move to ALT_HOLD or whatever if the channels move out
of their deadzones.