RC H16 Skydroid or CUAV

Hello Guys, I need some RC solution like Herelink but with more channels for driving my camera. I selected H16. But I have great problems.
Do you have somebody some experience with H16 radio? How to connect it to Pixhawk 2.1? I cant connect telemetry data through Telem1 to UART0 of H16. RC ground station dont see it. The same problem is with video from HDMI port and channels 1-8 are working but 9-14 are not working. QGC installed to H16 ground station report me than UDP post ant be connected because is in use. Please could you help me?
Thank you George

Hey George, in order to have telemetry access on the H16, you have to create a new Comm Link on Qgroundcontrol, Type UDP and address 14551 for the UART0 and UDP Address 13551 for UART1.
Remember that from factory the UART0 is configured for 57600 baud rate and UART1 in 115200, so remember to properly setup SERIALX_BAUD in your flight controller.