RC chnl [SBUS] of Pixhawk in MP has no respose to TX

RC channel [SBUS] of Pixhawk in mission planner has no respose to transmitter

Today I set up my quad with pixhawk,flowowing the instructions on this site

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/initia … -hardware/

ererything is OK until I begin to calibrate my radio.

I use Futaba T14SG as transmitter, and R7008SB as receiver.

Before installing the R7008SB, it has already been set working in SUBS mode.

And the T14SG is set as

  1. channel 1 roll

  2. channel 2 pitch

  3. channel 3 throttle

  4. channel 4 yaw

  5. SG (3 position switch)

I can see the SBUS signal in the oscilloscope.

I connected the channel 8 [SBUS] of R7008SB to RC channel of pixhawk.

After I click the calibrate radio button and 2 OKs, I move the sitcks of the transmitter, the MP has no response.

I make two vidios about my work.

Please help me about this problem!

Tnanks in advance!



SBUS doesn’t work properly on AC3.1 for Pixhawk but it should be fine on AC3.1.1 which just went out today as the official version for the APM2 and pixhawk. So you might find it just works now if you update the firmware.

The other thing though is, is that receiver SBUS or SBUS2? Only SBUS is supported.