RC calibration - with Taranis

OK finally received my X8R receiver, installed, bound, plugged into the appropriate ports, set about calibrating.

The calibration looks OK, min and max values look to be as expected, save results - but the Pixhawk is showing centre stick as maximum when you leave calibration mode, there is no green bar movement above centre stick on any channel.

Channels on the Taranis are set -100 to +100, centre stick is 0, when the Pixhawk calibrates it has min values very high - especially for the throttle which is 1300 - throttle cut sets it to 984.

Anyone have any idea what is going on here - is there something I haven’t set - why is the Pixhawk treating centre stick as maximum - the trim value in the parameters of the Pixhawk and on the Taranis is 1500, I have no dead zone set.

PS : 3.2 Beta firmware in Pixhawk
Just how is the Pixhawk converting the SBUS signals into PWM values …
I’ll keep playing and hope for a result but if anyone has a solution to reduce playtime I’d appreciate it.

Solved - It is the transmitter ‘calibration’.

There is an option on the Taranis to calibrate the pots / sticks etc that must be completed once started.

I did my calibration but then pressed enter once too often and the calibration process restarted - I selected exit and didn’t complete it thinking my previous calibration would be stored - it wasn’t …

Once you start the calibration on the Taranis transmitter (of the transmitter itself) you MUST complete the process and not exit out as I did.