Raspberry Pi3 Ethernet UDP Connection


I have successfully set up a Pi3 with ready to go APSync image and a Pixhawk 2.1 running rover 3.21 and connected through the WiFi hotspot created by the Pi and then UDP through mission planner. I would now like to disable the Wifi connection and instead connect through ethernet but i can not find the files to do so, or anyone else that has done so.

If anyone could run through the steps required, to give the Pi a static ethernet ip address and then how to set mavproxy to output on this ip address that would be great.

Many thanks Martin.

Huh. That’s an interesting one.

APSync uses NetworkManager to control its networking. Ordinarily it will
dhcp for an address on the ethernet port. You want to use a static

I’ve left the command-line program “nmtui” installed on there, so you
should be able to use it to create a static IP address on the ethernet

Once you’ve done that you’ll need to play with the configuration files for
cmavnode, which is what proxies the serial connection onto UDP etc etc.
You can find that configuraiton file in ~/start_cmavnode/