Raptor 30 setup help required


I have been going through the motions of adding an APM to my Raptor 30.

I am now at the stage of trying to tune the PID’s and I am having trouble using the tuning guide on arducopter.com.

I have gone through the Rate Roll P and Rate Pitch P tuning procedure using channel 6. Found the oscillation point, backed off etc. Tuned the I gains and added some FF to both. It is flying but still needs some work.

The issue I have is with the Yaw settings. Tail wag is always present.

Looking at the tuning guide there are suggestions for yaw settings based on a 600 sized copter. Whilst most of the settings can be entered Rate_Yaw_P is suggested as 0.38 in the tuning guide but APM has limits of 0.150 to 0.250 so 0.38 is impossible!

Have parameters changed in the code which will effect these figures?

I am trying to get my head round tuning but the discrepancies in the guide are leaving me scratching my head.

The tail servo never seems to centre when I let go of the stick, either in acro or stab modes. I have changed the servo in case that was the issue but the problem remains. This heli flew perfectly with a gyro, before the APM was installed.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Andy Hodges