Rant about code

An important one is in rc1 item 10.b. “reduce CPU load from 80% to 10%” Unfortunately, it’s a PITA to review the code because the developers dump so much new sh** in with every release candidate. In addition, they don’t post ALL release candidates, or they delete older release candidates; wrong way to be transparent about code changes!
It is possible to drill down in the commits to get the source for rc1, but as I said, so much other sh** mixed in that who knows what is going on??!!
The developers need to step back and STOP adding functionality. If a person looks at the release notes, one can see constant ongoing fixes/enhancements which look like they will go on FOREVER.
The flight controller should be dedicated to only a few tasks. Low level flight control; sensor data acquisition and attitude control and position control and processing movement command from RC or telemetry; AHRS. Unfortunately, the APM has become a do-all.
Looks like the Solo designers were a bit nervous when they designed the Solo since prior to rc1 only 20% of CPU power was left(after rc1 it’s back up to only 20% used); in addition, there is 1MB accessible (not 2MB) in older PixHawks with pre rev3 of the STM32F4 CPU(full 2MB access fixed in rev3). That explains why there are additional computers on the Solo. The developers are off-loading the whiz bang functionality (orbit selfie, RC control via WiFI topology) from the flight controller.

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I can’t understand what gave you this impression "In addition, they don’t post ALL release candidates"
But this is the great side of free open source, you can just contribute to make it as you think it should be.
Or - you can just fork it all, and make a “better, faster, safer” or whatever you wish version. If it’s as great as you would like it to be - I am sure more devs will join your fork.

start coding, no reason to waste time complaining :slight_smile:

I’m just beginning to dig through the older (APM:Plane 2.7.X) source, and I must admit there are spots where I find it hard to follow. But most of that >I< blame on my programming skills, not the skills of the programmers. I’ve looked at some of the newer stuff, and gotten a near instant headache.