Range finder 10 was not detected. AC 4.0.3

I have interfaced benewake Tf03 180m lidar for terrain following on arducopter 4.0.3.
I have configured every thing and lidar also showing its reading almost correct as it measured.
But MP always says that prearm :Rangefinder 10 was not detected. Can anyone help.

Hi @kalai1219, on my quad it’s always like this when only on usb, since range finder power is provided separately from a BEC and not from FC (recommended way).
How did you wire your TF?

Thank you. Right that test was done with usb cable only. But in TF 03 specific they said peak current is 180ma.that might take from pixhawk FC itself?.

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I am not sure, but I sure know that I saw many warnings against powering sensors from the fc. So, I am at lost here, sorry I can’t help you further on this.
One thing that bugs me and maybe someone more knowledgeable than me can help, why does the message is rangefinder 10?
When I connect my fc with usb it says “bad lidar health” maybe something with your config?

You should be using Rangefinder 1 and not rangefinder 10!

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What is range finder 1 and Rangefinder 10. How to defined?

In full parameters list search for rngfnd1_ params.

You probably set rngfnd10_ by mistake as mentioned by @amilcarlucas

I have configured Rangefinder 1 only not 10.

Well, someone has configured rangefinder 10. Please disable it.