Random Failsafe "Type 3 Reason 5"

Thanks for the help!! I am using Plane 3.9 and mission planner 1.3.58 and during waypoint navigation I receive random “Failsafe long on Type 3 Reason 5” conditions and the aircraft executes an RTL. I can subsequently regain control and sent it to guided points but It will fault again. Time between faults appears random with no apparent reason. My links are strong at over 97%. I have been unable to find a definition of this fault to assist in troubleshooting. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!

Got the same never get answer … So following this conversation !
May be we have to add more delay before triggering failsafe from telemetry. Copy paste your FS_* settings please.

same problem here, following

From defines.h in ArduPlane, we can learn that:
“Type 3” is a GCS Failsafe. (Line 19)
“Reason 5” is the ‘GCS Failsafe’ reason. (Line 79)

So it seems that you are losing telemetry to connection to your GCS and that you have that failsafe set. I recommend that you either disable that failsafe or diagnose why you are losing connection to the GCS.

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I just looked at the logs, I have a lot of rem noise (min 48 max 96 mean 83) and the sma adapter to the yagi antenna had a bad contact, so low rssi.
I will check everything and post the results.

I don’t know why the error message playing the tlog has changed to flight mode 11 and no more type and reason…


I have the same promblem also. The telemetry was 97% and no warning popped up. Suddenly the “failsafe long event on: type 3 reason 5” was popped up in HUD and the aircraft change flight mode to RTL. Does anyone have any solutions? Thank you.

you’re right!
“Reason 5” is in libraries/AP_Vehicle/ModeReason.h and it is for gcs failsafe.

we have same problem and ardupilot site confuses me beacause it is not updated :triumph: :grimacing:

Who Can Update it??? @rmackay9